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• Check-in at the hostel is from 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM or at agreed time
• In order to register to the hostel, it is mandatory to have an identity document, of which the administrator has the right to make a copy. The following are considered
identity documents:
➢ Passport
➢ ID card
➢ Driving license
• The process of registration shall include filling a registration card which can be downloaded from our website
• Upon registration at the hostel, the cost of accommodation service must be paid according to the valid price list.
• Method of payment for the accommodation, shall be on a prepaid basis
• Payment will be done through bank transfer only. However, payment through MPesa to 0790254299, will only be considered after a special agreement.

We do not register:
• Persons who have not complied with the registration requirements
• Persons who are intoxicated with alcohol or drugs
• Individuals whose behavior may disturb other guests of the hostel
• The hostel has the right, to refuse to serve a guest we consider unsuitable for cooperation.
SMArt-Hostel Kisumu will ensure, that the booked reservation is available to the customer on the day of arrival from 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM. After 5.00 PM we (SMArt-Hostel Kisumu) have the right to free the reservation for the bed unless we have been notified of a later arrival. The reservation fee will be returned asap.
Office hours
Monday to Friday, our offices are operational from 8AM to 5PM
Saturdays, office hours are from 8AM to 2PM
The office is not operational on Sundays

Service hours
Monday to Friday, our service hours will run from 8AM to 6PM
During the weekends, the services will only be on request.

Access hours
The premises will be accessed from 5AM to 10PM.
Kindly note that access will only be granted as prescribed within the established time
frame. In the case of an emergency, access grant shall be based on determination by the
security team.
Using hostel rooms
• SMArt-Hostel Kisumu is not responsible for money, documents or any valuables left by our guests elsewhere in the hostel or on the site.
• Use of the resources such as electricity, gas and water should be done in responsible manner and considerate to the other guests.
• When entering or exiting the main gate, always ensure you it is closed properly and you do not let unauthorized guests to gain access.
• The property of the hostel must be well maintained and taken care of.
• Kitchen equipment must be cleaned after use by the guest
• Gas bottles must be exchanged by staff only. The usage of external gas bottles is prohibited.
• If a guest loses any key of the premises, he/she must declare to the staff immediately, the replacement is at the expense of the guest.
• Night peace at the hostel starts at 10.00 PM and lasts until 6.00 AM and includes the rooms, the site and around the site (neighborhood).
• Noise, load playing of music, disturbance of co-guests sleeps, etc. are prohibited during night peace at the hostel and around the hostel. Our guests must follow generally accepted rules of ethics and conduct.
• All visitors must be registered into the visitor’s book including Name and sure name, ID number, name of the invited guest, room number, time of entering and time of leaving.
• It is forbidden to use or possess drugs.
• The guests are required to alert the staff in case of circumstances and situations that may be dangerous to other guest and staff.
• Our public area has security cameras.
• Drying clothes in the rooms is not allowed.
• In hostel you must follow good practice. In case of non-compliance with this requirement, SMArt-Hostel Kisumu has the right to refuse further customer service.
Smoking is only allowed outside the hostel site. In case of non-compliance with this requirement, SMArt-Hostel Kisumu has the right to demand a penalty in the amount of ksh 2000 and also to waive further customer service.
• Smoking and open fires (including candles) are strictly forbidden inside the hostel apart from gas cooker
SMArt-Hostel Kisumu has the right to demand compensation for material damage caused by the guest.
• The amount of the compensation for damage is based on the direct damage caused, plus the costs of repairing the damage
• Check-out is at 12.00 noon the last day of the semester. Later check-out is only possible by written agreement with the administrator in advance.
• Upon check-out, all keys must be returned and all services must be paid for.
• Any delay, caused by the guest in check-out will incur a penalty fee of ksh 950 per day.
As from 1st May, 2022, The premises operates in accordance with the provisions of these rules and regulations.
These rules apply to the employees and guests of SMArt-Hostels Kisumu, who are obliged to follow the provisions of the rules in the company´s rooms and territory.

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