Water and Sanitation

SMArt Hostel comprises clean and hygienic facilities including communal areas and sparkling washrooms. The high level of style and quality ensures our guests’ expectations are met.

Security & Safety

The hostel is located in a secured environment. However, more measures have been put in place to ensure that maximum security and safety precautions are observed.

Operating Hours

Office hours: Monday to Friday, our offices are operational from 8AM to 5PM .Saturdays, office hours are from 8AM to 2PM. The office is not operational on Sundays

Welcome Home

About SMArtHostel Kisumu

SMArt-Hostel was founded by Stephan Masuch and Diana Masuch in 2021. The hostel is located in Mowlem, next to the new Kisumu Central Bus Station.
In June 2019, Masuch identified a huge gap concerning accommodation for students from various learning institutions in Kisumu and its environs. He then conceptualize the idea of establishing a high standard hostel to bridge the gap and provide comfort as well.

Why live in SMArtHostel?
SMArtHostel. Best Modern Hostel service in town

Come and live in a very serene and quiet environment at friendly rent price.

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